The MMHMF Cookbook

Cherished Family Recipes, Anniversary Edition

Both our first cookbook and this 10th anniversary edition were published to preserve the recipes and unique cooking traditions of families that have been handed down from generation to generation. "Contributors include MMHMF members, their families, friends, associates and others. There are 1,050 recipes from 124 contributors whose names are listed in the back of the book. Most of the pages have quotations and many of the recipes include interesting information about the recipe or person whose recipe was submitted.

Our book has received great reviews. It makes a wonderful gift for hostesses, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers and any special occasion. ORDER SEVERAL COPIES TODAY!


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$25.00 per copy. For the first book, add $5.95 for shipping and handling (s/h) and $2 for each additional book. (For example, total costs for 2 books will be $58.95 including $50.00 for the books plus $8.95 s/h.)

All proceeds from sales will provide academic scholarships and support school and community educational projects and programs for students.


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