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Good Samaritans

Mmhmf Received A $1,000 Grant From Ettrick Neighborhood & Business Foundation (Enbf)

Nancy Ross, ENBF Vice President, was again instrumental in the Foundation receiving another grant from the organization designated to help schools in South Chesterfield. The 2016 grant will be used to help fund college campus tours for Matoaca Middle School sixth and seventh grade students this fall. Ms. Ross also made a personal donation. The Foundation also received a grant in 2015 to help pay for the trips the students at Matoaca Middle took last year. (SEE PICTURES ON PAGE 12). MMHMF is most grateful for the partnership.

Victoria Falls Retirement Village, Laurel, Md Continues To Send School Supplies For Chesterfield County Schools Supported By Mmhmf

Thanks to the continuing efforts of long-time friends and supporters of the Foundation, Maria Elena (middle of photo on left) and Bernie Khoury (on left), who live in the community, Victoria Falls has again gathered supplies from residents. Kerri Edwards (on right) is the Community Life Style Director. The Stith family brings the carload of supplies to Chesterfield in September. Outreach Committee members sort them along with the other items collected. Harrowgate Elementary, Marguerite Christian Elementary and an after- school program are given the supplies. The generosity of all supporters makes it possible to make deliveries in both September and February. Thank You Victoria Falls!!

Union Grove Baptist Church And Its Missionary Ministry Donate Every Year!

Following in the footsteps of her father, Deacon Beverly Mason, Martha Mason Hill was a very active and life-long member of Union Grove. The Church has been a major supporter of MMHMF since it was established in 1998. Additionally, the Missionary Ministry gives funds each year to purchase school supplies. Members of the MMHMF outreach team consult with schools to determine what items are needed, purchases and delivers them to schools. Sincere thanks to our Christian friends!

John Daliani Of Coastal Graphics, Website Design/Host

MMHMF thanks John (www.coastalgraphics.com) for continuing to graciously share his time and professional expertise to update and maintain our website (mmhmf.org). John spent months in collaboration with the late Alyssa Stith to design the website in 2013. His patience and willingness to help are remarkable! Thanks John!

Katherine (Kitty) Anderson, Financial Manager

Kitty, a long-time supporter of the Foundation, continues to be most generous. She made the Foundation’s conversion to QuickBooks possible by volunteering a great deal of her time in working with Alberta Stith and the late Alyssa Stith to set it up. Kitty is always ready to assist us in any way she can. We are forever grateful!

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