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2013 Community Service Award


Ted Cabral, the 2013 MMHMF Community Service Award Winner, has been a force to be reckoned with in Chesterfield County, Virginia for well over 44 years.  He was born in New Bedford, MA and there received his early education.  His “New England” work ethic coupled with a keen sense of the need to give back to his community has been a guiding principle throughout his life.

Ted enlisted in the Army in 1947 and began an odyssey that lasted for 21 years.  Calling this “one of the defining periods of his life”, he seized upon the opportunity to see the world and to learn from and respect the contributions and values brought by a diversity of people.  In addition to the States, he saw service in Korea (2 tours), Japan and Germany.  Serving in Korea during the Korean War, he saw action from the 38th parallel to Pusan.  Those who know Ted recognize that it is by no accident that some of the people that he served with during these 21 years are now some of his closest friends and colleagues.

In 1969, drawn by the Virginia hospitality, Ted and his wife of 49 years (Savannah) decided to make Chesterfield County (Church Road) their home.  After working a few years as a Metropolitan Insurance Agent, Ted decided to strike out on his own and formed a long distance trucking company.  He travelled throughout the United States as an owner-operator for fifteen years, and it was this period that honed his entrepreneurial spirit.  

Wanting to give back to the youth of Chesterfield County, Ted was a founder of a sixteen and over youth baseball league and served as the Commissioner of the Virginia Tri Cities Baseball League from 1990 – 1994. He had a keen eye for baseball talent and for many years was a scout for the Atlanta Braves system.  In 1969, he became a board member and staunch supporter of the Children’s Home of Virginia Baptist, Inc.  Additionally, he has been a member of the Board of the Salvation Army (Petersburg) for 24 years.

An avid golfer, Ted recognized how a hobby could be used to enrich the lives of the youth as well as that of his golfing colleagues.  Starting as a couple of guys going out to play a round together, their group became a foursome and continued to grow.  Twenty years ago, the group incorporated as the “Virginia Birdies” and held the first Virginia Birdies Golf Tournament.  With Ted as the founder and CEO and the club conscience, the group has expanded across the East Coast and into Canada.  Currently with six “sister clubs” (Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New York and Canadian Birdies), the Birdies have for 20 years demonstrated how a love of golf can be used to bring good friends together to serve their community.  The annual Virginia Birdies Golf Tournament, formed initially to support the Children’s Home of Virginia Baptist, Inc., has expanded its support to include the Southside YMCA, the Fort Lee ACS, the Salvation Army and the Petersburg Library Foundation, raising more than $0.25M on their behalf.  When asked to name his greatest passion, Ted responded “helping others”.

For these forty-four years of exemplary service to the Chesterfield County Community, for his vision, dedication and example set to guide all youth, the Martha Mason Hill Memorial Foundation is pleased to present Theodore (Ted) Cabral with its 2013 Community Service Award.

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