From the Desk of the Chairman

The Foundation has had another successful year and is making steady progress towards fulfilling its goals and objectives.

MMHMF's focus remains the support of a quality education for the young residents of South Chesterfield County and enabling their success by supporting school faculty and administrators. We continue to believe that "it takes a village" and our aim is to be a productive partner within that village, working hard and pulling/pushing in the same direction to achieve a common goal.

While it is easy to think of the education of our youth as the content learned and the set of experiences they have in the formal educational setting, I believe that our namesake would challenge us to expand that formal setting to encompass the entire village that provides the total set of experiences that are necessary for the child to become a productive, contributing adult in today's society. Clearly, each of us has our own favorite set of attributes and I will mention here several that I believe are shared among most of us.

Our namesake would argue that we should empower all children with the self-confidence they will need to use their abilities and skills to reach as far as they can. She would encourage them to reach for what is possible, not just what is easy.

Mrs. Hill would stress that having good manners does not cost us anything – that there is nothing wrong with saying "please" and "thank you," no matter what the age. The cliché that one can "disagree without being disagreeable" is as true today as it was for our forefathers/mothers. Children learn by observing and by continually practicing desired skills.

The village's actions demonstrate what is truly meant by empathy. We demonstrate that it is not enough to just say that we are sorry – our actions must show that we really are. The empathic citizen hurts when our fellow human hurt, and finds joy in their successes as well as those of our own. The individual's core values are reflected not by how they treat those they perceive as the best/most important but how they treat the so-called least of us.

Lastly, Mrs. Hill would remind us that our democratic ideals will survive as long as the collective community does its part. Many of our ancestors made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have the opportunity to participate in the political process. We disrespect those sacrifices when we choose to withdraw because we don't see exactly the candidate or position we want. She would remind us that the future of this community, this state and this nation will be severely shaped by the decisions that are made on November 8th. We must play our part and impress upon those not yet old enough to vote the necessity of doing so.

Therefore, on behalf of the Board of Directors of MMHMF please accept our thanks for your on-going support. The Foundation strives to be a productive member of the Village, reflecting the examples that would make you and Mrs. Hill proud.

James H. Stith

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